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Video SEO and Its Significance

Video SEO is basically the process of optimizing videos found easily by different search engines. It is utilized by video publishers to improve the exposure of the videos, which expands its reach to its targeted audience. Since Google purchased YouTube, the significance of having videos linked to your site increased exponentially.

Having videos increases your chances to be at the first page of Google by fifty percent, yet it isn’t enough by itself. If the video that was not optimized with the proper keywords, the right definitions as well as social media links, it will be visible still. It is where Video SEO comes in, which maximizes the chance of videos being rated high and bringing more traffic to the website.

Acquiring rank with your videos on a universal search has something to do with the website’s authority, how it ranks for the video related queries, and how video-focused they are. If you want to improve your video SEO, it would be best trust the experts like Green Genie SEO for the job. But, here are some ways on how you can optimize your videos for search:

• Select the Best Video Hosting Platform – Whenever you pick your preferred your video hosting platform, you will have to consider some reasons why you like your videos to improve their ranking. If you are not really concerned about getting traffic to your site and you are more focused on increasing the awareness of your brand, Vimeo and YouTube might be the best options you can explore.

• Ensure Your Thumbnail Image is Engaging – Video thumbnails is what searchers will see once your video is indexed, thus it plays a particular role in whether internet users click. You like to think of thumbnail images same to how you think of the book cover or your site’s homepage. It should be relevant, compelling, and beautiful.

• Insert Video Transcripts – As you are scrolling your feed on Facebook, you will see videos with captions so you will be able to enjoy watching without causing any disruptions. Texts paired on your videos are known as video transcripts. Aside from that, not only video transcripts make videos much accessible to a bigger audience, but also they make videos more scrapable through search bots since there is an additional text on the website.

• Make Sure That Your Page is Relevant to Videos and Optimized for SEO – You cannot depend solely on optimizing videos to get placement on SERPs. If it’s not more essential that the page is optimized for SEO or search engines will not bother crawling it at the first place

• Pay Attention or Focus on the Video’s Description and Title – Just like they do for blog posts or articles, the meta description and title plays a factor in ranking videos. Spend some time crafting engaging video titles and descriptions. Consider doing keyword research to make sure that you are targeting keywords that people are searching for.
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