Photo Restoration



Old photos may have historical and emotional value, but their damaged condition may detract from the general appearance.

Damaged areas can often be restored.  Sometimes it is possible to create portraits from such photographs.

You may submit your photograph for evaluation by emailing a scanned copy to Iris.


Schedule of Fees

- Evaluation

This is free and includes a quick adjustment and restoration of part of the photo to show what is possible.

- Restoration:

Minimum charge $25.00

Hourly rate    $50.00

There are degrees of restoration.

- Global adjustment and color correction

- Removal of blemishes in non-essential areas - backgrounds and large one-color surfaces.

- Removal of blemishes in sensitive areas with complex shading or detail

- Special color correction and color application.

The extent of the restoration will be determined in consultation with the client and will depend on cost considerations. 

The final result will be available in a choice of printing methods and sizes, depending on the initial quality of the photo.


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