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Iris ten Holder was born in The Netherlands and married Wim ten Holder in 1956. The couple lived in Alberta from 1956 - 1961, where two´┐Żof their children were born. They have lived in Ottawa since 1961, and now have five children. In 1967 Iris´┐Żbecame a Canadian Citizen This coincided with Centennial Year, the birth of their fourth child, and her first year at the Committee Reporting Service at the House of Commons.

Iris obtained a B.A. (Concentration Political Science) at the University of Ottawa in 1975 and was an editor´ at the Committee Reporting Service of the House of Commons from 1975-1995.

Visual Arts Development:

Silkscreen printing at the Alberta School of Technology and Art in Calgary. In her free time Iris concentrated on interior decorating and various crafts - woodworking, leather, and jewelry design.

Seattle Film Works Self Study Course in Photography.

1998 - 2006 - Courses at the Ottawa School of Art in´┐Żbasic darkroom photography,digital photography, photo editing,´┐Ż photo composition and portfolio development.

2004 and 2005 - Life drawing´ at the Ottawa School of Art under Australian artist Marcello d'Amico .

2006 - present - Designer at Ottawa-Rug-Art for the manufacture of, Round Rig Tapestries, also known as Magic Circles.  The tapestries also form the bases of several photographs.


1982 - 1994 - Timex Sinclair Users Group. During this time Iris developed business software for a local restaurant.

1992 - present - Media Club of Ottawa as treasurer, editor of The Galley and webmaster.

1996 - present - CAPA Canadian Association for Photographic Art - contributor to Digital Circuit

1998 - present - Ottawa School of Art, contributing works to the Gift Shop..

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